We empower qualified, passionate women to own and run successful high quality ECD centres in low-income communities through our proven social franchise model.v

Franchisee of the year

Franchisee of the year

From humble beginnings, the GROW with educare centres project has now expanded its partnership to 20 amazing ‘franchisees’. Each one running their centre to the highest standard. We felt it necessary to acknowledge the outstanding work done by these wonderful women. At the end of 2017 we held our first Franchisee of the Year competition. The prizes were generously donated by our funder and great advocate, the Saville Foundation. Additional prizes were donated by Grow Learning Company, which included special items for the fantasy area. Gary Shearer of Saville Foundation initiated the competition and it was taken up by our principals with great enthusiasm. The first prize was R8000 to be spent on the school in addition to the special fantasy corner kit.

The second prize was R5000 to be spent on the school and fantasy kit and third prize was R3000 rand for the school.


First Prize was awarded to GROW with FourJays

This little school is a fantastic example to all!  The children at this school are happy , secure, confident and above all, they are learning in the most positive and engaging way!

Each theme is brought across in a positive and thorough manner and every opportunity is used to bring new and exciting concepts across.

There is a feeling of security and calmness when one visits this school and therefore a lot of learning takes place here.

The principal herself, is well organised and runs her school in a very professional manner.

Second Prize was awarded to GROW with The Philippi  Village

This was one of our first schools to start on The Grow journey, and what a fantastic journey it has been!

They started off with very few children and are now up to 80!

This school is amazing in that one can walk into it at any time of any day – unannounced… and they are always working and everything is always very well prepared. The tables are neatly laid out and the work attractively displayed.

The walls are attractively displayed with all the necessary posters and children’s art work.

The teachers at Philippi are diligent and passionate about what they do and are always fully engaged in carrying out the daily programme.

Whenever they are given feedback, negative or positive, they accept it willingly and always try their best to implement the advice given.

Well done to a school that is very well run!

Third Prize was awarded to GROW with Sam’s Educare

This school is run in a very organised and professional manner. The admin is very organised as are the finances and business side of things.

The equipment is well looked after and great pride is taken in all that they do at the school.

Much emphasis is given to the intellectual development of each child at the school and so when leaving to go to grade R, they are well prepared.

The teachers as well as the principal, are extremely committed to giving of their best for each child there.

We are incredibly proud of all of these exceptional principals running excellent centres.