We empower qualified, passionate women to own and run successful high quality ECD centres in low-income communities through our proven social franchise model.

2020 Applications open: Become a GROW Educare Centre Franchise

Are you ready to run the best Early Childhood Development centre in your neighbourhood?

A centre that is safe, beautiful and well equipped, with excellent teachers, where happy children are learning every day? A centre where you are a leader and role-model for the community, a professional businesswoman?


Are you ready to run a 5-Star Educare centre?

connie is a grwo educare centres franchiseeIsolation is holding you back.

Do you struggle with limited equipment, poor finances, no formal curriculum or training for your teachers? Do you dream of being a great school Principal, delivering an excellent education for children and running a profitable business? We understand how difficult it can be to run an ECD centre, especially if you have dreams of being the best.

Trying to do it all on your own is impossible. You need a team of people around you, access to the best curriculum and equipment, funding, a recipe for success and the step by step process to get there.

What you need is a Partner.  

Join a network of ECD Franchisees who, like you, are committed to running professional ECD centres with an exceptional education at the heart. Social-Franchising uses the principles of normal franchising (like building and sharing a great brand, collective buying power, and using a recipe for success) but with one big difference: the franchisor does not make any profit out of your participation. It’s a non-profit partnership.




Why become a GROW Educare Centre franchisee?  

  • Join a brand of ECD centres that parents are willing to pay for
  • Infrastructure upgrades that will help you get registered
  • A dedicated commitment to providing children with the best possible early learning
  • Excellent equipment and educational resources
  • A world-class daily programme that will stimulate and develop children optimally
  • Ongoing training and mentorship to develop teachers
  • Skills and mentorship to help you run a professional, profitable business
  • A network of ECD owners who support each other

GROW Educare Centres ECD Franchisee

Who is this opportunity for? You must:

  • be a SA citizen or permanent resident
  • run an existing ECD Centre in Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Greater Johannesburg area or Pretoria
  • operate from a formal structure (no shacks)
  • own (and have the Title Deeds) or formal rental agreement for the centre premises
  • have an ECD level 4 or higher qualification
  • have a clean credit record
  • be able to charge R350 p.m. or more for your services
  • be fluent in English (reading and writing)
  • be comfortable using email and Whatsapp
  • want to run a high-quality ECD centre that delivers excellent education
  • have a business mindset and want to see your centre succeed
  • be open-minded and willing to learn
  • be hands-on and actively involved in her centre every day
  • be committed to building a relationship with GROW as your partner
  • willing to operate their school using the GROW curriculum, policies, guidelines and processes

Who are we?

GROW Educare Centres is a non-profit organisation that wants to see ECD owners success in education and business because we know that quality early learning and job creation is the key to eradicating poverty in South Africa.

Our model is built on the principles of micro-franchising, specifically to help ECD Centres in low-income communities become a sustainable business that delivers exceptional education.

By working together, as partners, we’ve been able to help centres improve the quality of their education drastically, while also improving their business profitability.

How it works

  1. Apply online for your existing pre-school to become a GROW Educare Centre franchise
  2. Sign a franchise agreement once you’re happy that this is for you
  3. Implement your recipe for success to become the best in your community


Apply Now. Send your details, centre name and address to get started. 

Cape Town:

Sheilah Chikoki, Regional Implementation Manager.

WhatsApp: 067 701 9066

Email: infocpt@growecd.org.za


Tara Rosser, Regional Implementation Manager.

WhatsApp: 067 758 2493

Email: infodbn@growecd.org.za


Shireen Miller, Regional Implementation Manager.

WhatsApp: 084 677 0495

Email: infojhb@growecd.org.za


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