Meet ECD Owner Jillian Hortense | Hamptons Nursery, Creche & Preschool

Franchisee Name: Jillian Hortense Centre Name: Hamptons Nursery, Creche & Preschool Location: Eldorado Park, Johannesburg, South Africa. Meet Jillian Hortense, the Principal of Hamptons Nursery, Creche & Preschool in Eldorado Park. She first discovered her love of working with children when she became a Sunday school teacher at her grandmother’s church at the age of … Read more

Real stories: Women in the ECD sector suffer harshly under lockdown and covid19 impact

Lockdown has been hard for many, but the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector has been hit particularly hard. This industry is run by women working to educate children between 0 and five years old – a crucial time in a child’s development when children learn the skills they need to reach their full potential in … Read more

ECD needs a paradigm shift

GROW Educare Centres was born out of a need to change SA’s poverty and inequality trajectory In 2014 GROW Educare Centres launched as a collaborative partnership between The Clothing Bank and Grow Learning Company. GROW Educare Centres is founded on the belief that providing quality ECD education to the majority of South African children has … Read more

5 reasons why ECD is the best investment a country can make.

QUICK FACT: Quality ECD (Early Childhood Development) is globally recognized as the most impactful investment in human capital that a country can make. ECD is a national priority. As it should be. Investment in quality early learning yields high levels of return on investment. The impact can be seen immediately and incredibly, the long-term effects … Read more

Mandela Day 2020: Let’s Get Them Back to School Safely. Get Early Learning Centres Ready to Reopen

Our Mandela Day 2021 opportunities are here Volunteer & Donation Opportunities with GROW Educare Centres: 1. Join our Digital Volunteer network Your time and expertise can assist GROW Educare Centres in creative and unexpected ways. Donate your time and energy. When you join our digital volunteer network, you’ll be equipped to be a virtual ambassador … Read more

Testimonial: Jennifer Crossley’s ECD Centre is a beacon for quality education in Maitland

Dreams of opening a quality pre-school centre in her community Meet Jennifer Crossley, a qualified Grade R teacher from Maitland, a low-income area in Cape Town, South Africa. After experiencing first-hand how children who are unprepared for Grade R eventually drop out of school, turning to drugs, gangs and crime; she dreamed of opening a … Read more