We empower qualified, passionate women to own and run successful high quality ECD centres in low-income communities through our proven social franchise model.

5 ideas: Volunteer or donate to leave a legacy this Mandela Day 2019

This Mandela Day do something meaningful. Leave a legacy. Support ECD (Early Childhood Development) and Educare Centres in disadvantaged communities: it’s the most significant investment you can make.

Why is ECD (Early Childhood Development) the best place to invest?

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is a child’s development phase between birth and school-going age. During this phase, the fundamental basics of cognitive abilities, attitudes and skills, school and life readiness are laid down for the rest of the child’s life.  ECD centres, also known as Educare centres, such as daycares and preschools, play an essential part in the development and education of children in preparation for life, but quality Educare is often lacking in disadvantaged communities.

This Mandela Day 2019 you can take #ActionAgainstPoverty whether you are an individual, a team or a big company.

Partner with GROW Educare Centres (NPC) and use this Mandela Day to volunteer your time, make a donation or host a fundraiser. Make a meaningful impact in ECD in disadvantaged communities across Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

Your Tax and BBBEE benefits: All financial donations qualify for tax deductions and SED (Social Enterprise Development) or ED (Enterprise Development) points. We will supply Section 18A certificates on your request.

Mandela Day 2019 Opportunities with GROW Educare Centres:

1. Donate Book Dash books

Making reading fun is an integral part of our Educare programme. You can donate a beautiful and locally made and child appropriate Book Dash book toward our pre-schools’ mini-libraries.

How many do we need? 1000 books

What does it cost? R20 incl. Vat per book

How does it work?

  • Raise funds for the number of books you wish to donate.
  • Make an EFT deposit and send us your proof of payment.
  • We will send you a thank you letter plus photos.

 2. Donate outdoor play equipment or artificial grass

Outside play is crucial for a child’s development. Unfortunately, many of our centres have no outside play structures and dusty play areas. You can donate towards the labour costs and cement of laying artificial grass (the Belgotex Foundation is sponsoring Belgotex Grass and Project Management fees), a Play Gym or other fun outdoor play equipment to help create years of fun and totally transform an ECD centre in a disadvantaged community of your choice.

How many do we need? Currently, 11 of our ECD Centres are ready to receive artificial grass, play gyms or outside play equipment.

What does it cost? From R400 per square meter of artificial grass up to R14 900 for a large outside play gym and various options in between for scooters etc.

How does it work:

  • Contact our fundraiser and confirm the options that are available, the list of centres and the costs.
  • Make your donation via EFT, and we will confirm the dates of installation.
  • You can visit the school and see the children play as soon as it’s installed!

3. Donate Educational Toys and Equipment

We have identified three high-quality educational toys and equipment that would add tremendous value to our centres. These are all sourced locally, from GROW Learning Company, and specifically aligned to our programme and training. (Plus, they will match every item you donate!)

Item 1: Rainbow Parachute 3m Diameter: R275 each

Item 2: Balancing Beam Obstacle Course: R767 each

Item 3: Nuts and Bolts Fun Boards: R160 each

How many do we need? We need up to 30 items of each (one for each of our centres).

What does it cost: From R160 to R767 each (plus GROW Learning Company will match your donation item-for-item!)

How does it work:

  • Contact our fundraiser to confirm which items you wish to donate and to which centre
  • Make your donation via EFT
  • You can visit the school and see the children play as soon as the items are delivered!

 4. Volunteer your time to create a Sensory Board for an ECD Centre

A “Busy Board” or “Sensory Board” is an excellent and fun activity for children that also teaches them loads of fine-motor and sensory skills. You can work by yourself or as a team to create your own customised Sensory Board for one of our ECD Centres.

Examples of Sensory Boards:  

How many do we need? We need up to 30 (one for each of our centres)

What does it cost? You have to purchase the board, paints and hardware elements (we will supply a list of ideas) plus screws and glue to assemble everything. You may even have a lot of these items lying about so we suggest you start with a donation/collection drive in your office/school/church.

How does it work:

  • Contact us to find out what we recommend for your busy board. We provide the Do’s and Don’ts. You can also select which Educare centre you want to receive the donation.
  • Source your items and start painting and assembling.
  • Once completed, we will visit a school to hand over the donation.

5. Adopt-an-ECD Centre

Partner with a GROW Educare ECD Centre for 2-5 years and help them to reach a 5*Star ECD level and run a sustainable business. Investment in ECD has been proven to deliver the highest return on investment. Adoption helps to create a meaningful long-term partnership that results in sustainable impact.

What does it cost? R180 000 – R950 000

How does it work?

  • Contact us to find out more, and we’ll schedule a call.

 Why work with GROW Educare Centres?

Our comprehensive model is an all-in-one solution to create 5*Star quality ECD in low-income communities – it took us over five years to build, test and refine this model in partnership with experts and we are seeing the impact.

We have made sure that our model is scalable to ensure we are ready to help many more ECD Centres.

Quick Facts about GROW Educare Centres (as at March 2019)

  • 31 Centres running
  • 56 classrooms
  • 1183 Children learning
  • 161 Jobs supported

How to leave a legacy this Mandela Day:

  1. Choose which Mandela Day activity you want to help
  2. Make your donation, and we’ll ensure it gets implemented
  3. See the impact you made (not only on Mandela Day but every day)

Know that:

  • These Mandela Day opportunities are based on a thorough needs assessment.
  • Your donation will be part of the ongoing GROW programme of support and therefore have a lasting impact.
  • All financial donations qualify for tax deductions and SED (Social Enterprise Development) or ED (Enterprise Development) points. We will supply Section 18A certificates on your request.
  • You will have an opportunity to identify which centres or regions you want to support.