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We equip ECD businesses and organisations with the skills, support and resources they need to provide 5-star early learning for every child.

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How can we help you?

Free ECD Mobile App

Manage your preschool from the palm of your hands, for free. Welcome to your personal one-stop-shop designed for ECD centres. Free digital tools, resources and online training.

ECD Business Accelerator Training

Get the practical skills, tools, resources and support you need to run your preschool like a business. Join this 6-part ECD Business Accelerator training programme for ECD Centre owners. 

ECD Small Business Programme

Everything you need to run a sustainable ECD business. Includes curriculum, classroom kit, training, education mentoring, business mentoring and low-cost finance.

ECD Online Curriculum

With our easy-to-use online lesson plans, you can save hours, inspire your teachers, and ensure your preschool learners are on track for big school. Unlock the online curriculum subscription on your Grow App.

Unlocking Human Potential Through 5-Star Early Learning

Do you have a heart for children and a head for business?

Grow ECD’s holistic model can help you run a sustainable 5-Star ECD centre.

Running a preschool can be lonely work. Especially if you don’t have all the resources and support you need.  

At Grow ECD, we believe that a teacher can impact a generation and that every child deserves access to a great start. That’s why we’re on a mission to work with ECD centres like yours to provide excellent education and to become financially sustainable. Our holistic model is designed to make your dream of a 5-Star ECD centre a reality.

Our recipe for ECD Business success

Heart for Children

Passion, commitment, resources and ability to provide quality education

Head for Business

Being willing and able to operate your preschool using business principles

Sustainable ECD Business

ECD Centres that are professional, sustainable, provide quality education, and where children are thriving

“I want my ECD to offer five-star quality education. I want people to look at us and say ‘wow’. Not just by look of the centre, but by what the kids achieve, the education, the safeness, the quality, and I am achieving this with Grow ECD.”