A ready-made package for ECD success: Grow ECD curriculum, teacher’s guide and resource kit

Grow ECD Success Story | Nteseleng Hlahatsi | Atlehang Preschool


Atlehang Preschool was started from humble beginnings in 2015 with no learners, not many resources, and a big vision. “I saw a gap in my community: we needed good quality education and affordable nursery school in the area. The preschools in my area did not deliver quality,” says Nteseleng, the proud owner and principal.

The FREE first step to providing 5-star early learning

When Nteseleng downloaded the Grow ECD app she couldn’t believe how easy it made managing her admin. “The app has helped me to keep track of all my school’s admin and I love the free training on the app, the online books available and the attendance register,” she says excitedly. This was her first step to developing a relationship with Grow ECD and providing a quality early learning service; she has never looked back.

A quality education programme makes all the difference

“Despite growing fast, learning and teaching has been very challenging. We had no curriculum to follow daily and our resources were limited,” says Nteseleng. “Our teachers had to come up with activities to do with children using the limited resources that we had. This caused a huge frustration as they were not even certain if they were doing the right activities to develop children.”

That’s why she decided to get the Grow ECD Small Business Programme. “I knew that the only way that would guarantee future success for my school was to offer something unique and give each child the best learning opportunity through a structured education programme.”

Grow ECD’s Small Business programme includes: 

  • A play-based and NCF-aligned curriculum 
  • Classroom kit of educational equipment
  • Online, interactive teacher’s guides 
  • Business and education mentoring 
  • In-person training 

A worthy investment: Grow ECD offers ECD Financing options to ECD business owners

Ntseleng couldn’t allow the fact that she didn’t have enough money to hold her back, she applied for a low-cost loan through Grow. Grow helped her check her books and manage what she could afford.

“Taking up a loan was a worthy investment for my school, it allowed me to confidently market my school to my current parents and also to prospective parents seeking a good school for their young children. They know their children will get all the great benefits and the positive impact the Grow programme offers, which amongst other things is a great interactive NCF aligned curriculum and good quality learning resources,” explains Ntseleng.

“The Grow ECD curriculum and equipment is the best thing that has happened to my preschool.”

Atlehang Preschool continues to thrive and so does its owner, teachers and learners.

“Our school is amongst those that are highly recommended in our community, in terms of the good quality of education that we offer.”
“Teachers are confident in their work. Through the Small Business Programme we have access to the Grow ECD Curriculum online too! They find this to be very helpful and love the practical ideas.”
“Our children are happy to come to school daily, plus they have lots of fun discovering all the great resources.”

Ntseleng is also proud to mention that with Grow ECD’s help her school is now fully registered with the department of education and are now receiving a subsidy from the education department. “For me that is a huge difference and such a success story. Thank you Grow!”

Grow ECD is an early learning social enterprise. We equip ECD businesses and organisations with the skills, support and resources they need to provide 5-star early learning for every child.