How to assess preschool learners using the NCF guidelines

If you are a teacher of 2-5-year-olds, it’s essential to evaluate your learners at least twice a year. A child’s development is much more than their physical growth. Development is observed in how they play, learn, speak and behave. Introduction to learner assessment webinar replay We recently hosted an online webinar, “Introduction to Learner Assessment,” … Read more

210,000 nutrient-rich breakfasts for preschool children

In South Africa, millions of children are food-vulnerable and rely on schools to provide one daily nutritious meal.  ‘Hidden hunger’ is a term used to describe human deficiencies of key micronutrients. It’s a real, invisible crisis and the impact starts early with children consuming energy-dense, but nutrient-poor diets. This impacts both physical and cognitive development. Thanks … Read more

Fundraising for ECD Centres: Fundraising types, strategies, plans, tips and examples.

Fundraising is hard work and you need to carefully assess whether it is necessary for you to fundraise or not. Some ECD centres may need to fundraise because they are reliant on those funds to cover their operational costs whereas others only fundraise for specific things like investments in buildings or new equipment. Below we … Read more

Mandela Day 2023 South Africa: Ideas to make a difference in local preschools

Take action. Inspire change. Make every day a Mandela Day. Mandela Day, celebrated annually on July 18th, provides an incredible opportunity to take collective action and leave a lasting impact in honour of Nelson Mandela. Together, we must build a safe, prosperous future for everyone. Here is how you can get involved at preschools Host … Read more


We launch our online curriculum, a data-free interactive lesson plan guide to support teachers nationwide. We launch our free registration support tools.  We start several new partnerships and collaborations and end the year with 1400 centres actively using our technology and 91 centres using our Quality Education Programme.  

Julia Muteba

Tin House Educare Centre, Gauteng “I want to provide an opportunity for quality early learning education to as many children as I can.” Julia Muteba, the owner and principal of Tin House Daycare Centre, is a true inspiration to us all. Her passion for children’s education and her commitment to providing quality education to underprivileged … Read more


We start our journey toward scale by launching our apps for free to all ECD Centres and partners in South Africa as our gift to the sector. We move away from social franchising and make our services and products more accessible to more centres by launching our Quality Education Programme and business support tools. We … Read more