Drive impact together. Join Grow ECD as a programme implementation partner.

When we work together, we can achieve so much more!

We believe in partnership.  

To address the scale of the challenge in the ECD sector, we need to spread impact and opportunities beyond organisational boundaries. That’s why we believe that collaboration is crucial to our collective success.

We believe in-person mentorship is crucial to developing competent and confident ECD teachers.  

Teachers can potentially change a young child’s life trajectory, but they need more than just a classroom to make it possible. We have seen that teachers flourish when they are part of a community of practice and receive professional mentoring and development.  

Does your ECD support organisation want to work with us to deliver education mentorship to local centres?   

With a decade of experience working with preschools in Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, and Johannesburg, Grow ECD has proven the effectiveness of our programme. We are eager to explore partnerships with community-based organisations with ECD expertise, experience, and capacity to extend our programme and ongoing support to ECD centres beyond our current reach. Together, we can support more ECD centres to deliver positive outcomes for children. 

Here’s what we are looking for.  

Our comprehensive programme includes business and education support components. While our business development and mentoring program can be delivered virtually, we know that in-classroom, in-person support for teachers is crucial – and this is where your organisation comes in. 

As an approved mentoring affiliate, your organisation will be responsible for: 

  • Conducting site visit assessments using our Centre Assessment Tool (estimated at 3 hours per centre)  
  • Providing ECD centre owners and staff with app onboarding and support (estimated at 2 hours per centre for the first month and 1 hour per centre for the next 4 months. Thereafter our free virtual helpdesk can support them via WhatsApp or phone) 
  • Delivering and implementing our education kit at new centres who have joined our Small Business Programme (estimated 6 hours, once off) 
  • Providing education mentoring to teachers (4 visits per year, 2 hours per visit). 
  • Completing mentoring reports and feedback to Grow ECD (estimate 30 minutes per centre per month) 
  • Attend monthly national education team status meetings (1 hour per month)

How would your organisation benefit?  

🚀 Leverage your strengths to scale impact.  

🎁 Bolster and complement your current ECD offering.

🤳🏽 Help centres benefit from technology.

💡 Improve your decision-making through real-time data. 

💵 Gain an additional revenue stream.  

💪🏽 Work with a flexible and collaborative team.

Is your organisation a good fit? 

We are actively seeking collaborators. Your organisation could be a good fit if you:  

  • currently work directly with ECD centres 
  • are based more than 75km from our offices in Thornton, Durban, and Midrand 
  • currently provide training, mentoring or coaching services to ECD teachers 
  • have internal capacity to take on additional workload (you don’t need to employ someone to offer this service) 
  • your mentor(s) are proficient in English and one other language, have transport, smart devices with internet connection, and relevant ECD qualifications and experience 
  • you are serious about impact and believe, like us, that the ultimate goal is for ECD centres to offer affordable 5-star education while operating financial sustainable small-businesses that pay staff fairly.  

How much time would your organisation need to commit?  

Should we agree that this is a win-win-win opportunity (for your organisation, your ECD centres, and Grow ECD), we anticipate the following roll-out plan:  

Once off: Organisation training
and accreditation
Once off: Site visits and
Ongoing: App and
education mentoring

5 Days: Your relevant team members
will attend a free train-the-trainer workshop and,
if successful, be accredited to implement
mentoring on our behalf. Travel and
accommodation is for your own cost.

3 hours: Conduct site visit assessments
6 hours: Deliver and implement our
education kit at new centres that have
joined the programme

2 hours: Education mentoring
(4 visits per year)
1 hour: Attend monthly
status meetings

More about the Grow ECD programme 

To make sure that 5-star quality education becomes accessible and affordable in every neighbourhood, Grow ECD has developed a holistic model that helps ECD centres operate as small businesses, using the principles of sustainability. We also equip and connect ECD businesses with the support and tools they need to professionalise their businesses, deliver quality education, and comply with registration requirements.  

Our play-based programme is at the heart of our work, and we focus on upskilling and equipping teachers to turn their classrooms into an oasis of care, play and development.   

Any questions? Email Lyndsey Petro or call her during office hours on +27 84 569 4526