ECD needs a paradigm shift

GROW Educare Centres was born out of a need to change SA’s poverty and inequality trajectory

In 2014 GROW Educare Centres launched as a collaborative partnership between The Clothing Bank and Grow Learning Company. GROW Educare Centres is founded on the belief that providing quality ECD education to the majority of South African children has the potential to change the future of South Africa for good.

Quality ECD (Early Childhood Development) is globally recognized as the most impactful investment in human capital that a country can make and in developing countries, poor quality early learning can be a life sentence that perpetuates poverty and inequality.

ECD return on investment

We believe that ECD centres in disadvantaged communities should be able to provide children with the quality learning they need to set them up for success while also providing high-quality jobs for educators.

That’s why we are changing the status quo in the ECD sector by offering quality and professionalism that disadvantaged communities have never seen before. Each educare centre we partner with is fully equipped to ensure that every aspect of the business is managed professionally.

Right from the start, we held a vision of creating a model and brand that could scale, to equip women owners of ECD centres to be capable and confident professional businesses owners who are champions for quality early education.

ECD Needs a Paradigm Shift.

Despite significant investment from government, private investors and many NGOs, the Early Childhood Development sector is not delivering quality education at scale for low-income communities.

GROW takes uses a holistic business model approach to overcome the obstacles holding this sector back.

GROW’s Unique Approach to issues in the ECD sector:

ECD paradigm shift GROW Educre Centres

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