210,000 nutrient-rich breakfasts for preschool children

In South Africa, millions of children are food-vulnerable and rely on schools to provide one daily nutritious meal.

 ‘Hidden hunger’ is a term used to describe human deficiencies of key micronutrients. It’s a real, invisible crisis and the impact starts early with children consuming energy-dense, but nutrient-poor diets. This impacts both physical and cognitive development.

Thanks to the EnvironCares Feeding Programme, Environ Skin Care is fully funding the distribution of 210,000 nutritious school breakfast meals through 32 Grow ECD Early Childhood Development Partner Centres situated in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. That means that 1500 children will receive a fortified nutrient-rich porridge meal, packed with essential vitamins and minerals, five days a week!

Watch the video here as South Africa’s National Netball Team Captain, Bongiwe Msomi, explains why she and Environ are joining forces to feed our beautiful future.

Each meal costs only R1,87, and every donation helps!

Help us feed our beautiful future by donating to the programme. 100% of all donations received will go towards the cost of the purchase of additional porridge. The nutritionally enhanced fortified porridge helps to reduce stunting, support the immune system, and give children healthy, sustained energy to reach their beautiful potential. 

When we work together, we can achieve so much more!

Thank you for helping us to feed our beautiful future. We appreciate your donation.
If you have any questions about this campaign, or need a Section 18A tax certificate, please email the Grow ECD team (info@growecd.org.za).

About EnvironCares Feeding Programme

Environ are powerful advocates of skin health and nutrition and has teamed up with Bongi Msomi, South Africa’s National netball team captain to launch the EnvironCares Feeding Programme for 2023/24.  They aim to raise awareness around the impact of nutrient deficiencies in early childhood development.

Visit www.environskincare.com for more information.