GROW App Success Story – Carol Papier, Little Mermaids Educare

ECD Owner: Carol Papier

Centre Name: Little Mermaids Educare

Location: Kensington, Cape Town, South Africa.

My name is Carol Papier from Kensington, Little Mermaids Educare centre.

The GROW Programme attracted my attention. Now that I have signed up it’s much more easier for me actually to use the app than I expected. You don’t need to sit with a paper the whole day or books laying around, papers laying around. That’s actually what directed me to GROW. It is helping me very much.

I can just go into my app and see who paid their fees, how my income is and my expenses, and much more. The GROW app is helping me very much.

I’m recording all my expenses, my income, and I take the attendance every day. I think other ECD Owners and teachers need to look into this app, it’s really easy, you will have much more time to see to learners and to see to your staff.  It gives me time to focus on learners, teachers and on this business that I enjoy!

My message? Just download the GROW Giraffe app and you will see how it works, and it’s very easy, and it’s very helpful. So just get out the guys. It’s very nice.

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