GROW App Success Story – Sizinikiwe Nqeza- Qhamani Educare

ECD Owner: Testimonial Video Sizinikiwe Nqeza

Centre Name: Qhamani Educare

Location: Phillipi, Cape Town, South Africa.

Hello, I’m Sizinikiwe Nqeza, from Qhamani Educare. We are based in the informal township of Phillipi. I am acting principal and Grade R teacher.

What made me interested in the GROW program is not only that we lack equipment and that we need fundraising support, but what I like about the program is that it teaches you how to be independent, how to fully be in control of your business! It teaches you how to put your business in your own hands.

Before we had so many papers for me and my teachers. We had class registers, and sometimes they get lost, or sometimes they make a mistake on the paper and it becomes messy, you know. But now each teacher have their own app as well, they can just edit if there’s a mistake, and everything is so neat, and it’s so organized, and everyone is just happy!

My advice to other ECD Owners is to give it a try. With this app, if you use it, it’s like a computer. It’s like that computer, that PC that you use for your school, that USB that you have for your school, it’s all in your phone, now it’s all in your hands. And it’s also very secured and safe. Because once you log out it will need you to enter your login details yourself. So only you know your login details.

And it’s three different apps. It’s the main one for the owner. It’s the app for the teachers, and it’s the app for the parents as well. Each app is particular for the person. For parents, they only get to see the children’s things (school fees, how the child attends the school). And for teachers, it’s the curriculum that they need to be teaching is the attendance register that they need to be doing for the learners.

This app, it’s basically the host of what’s happening in the whole school. You are managing everything, only through a device.

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