GROW App Success Story – Beryl Mercury, Little Footprints Montessori

ECD Owner: Beryl Mercury  

Centre Name: Little Footprints Montessori

Location: Retreat, Cape Town, South Africa.

I’m Beryl Mercury and I’m from LittleFootprints Montessori.

At the moment the challenge we face is that we have no online support or tool. The GROW programme is going to make things much easier for us. I’ve been watching GROW on Facebook – I find it very interesting. I very much wanted to become part of the GROW programme.

The GROW App has been helping us tremendously – we could put most of our information on the app already. And it’s making life so much easier. Less paperwork. We loaded all our children, and we do all the attendance registers for staff and learners on the phone.

I can recommend this app because it’s very easy. It’s very teacher and principal friendly. Technology is the future. I am sure if you try it you will see it works for you and you will grow with the app.

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