GROW ECD Success Story | Nteseleng | Atlehang Preschool

First ECD to progress to Step 2 – GROW’s Quality Education Programme.

Congratulations to ECD Owner and Principal, Nteseleng Theodora Hlahatsi, from Atlehang Pre-school in Dawn Park, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa. She is the first ECD Owner to move from Step 1 to Step 2 of the GROW 5 Step to 5-Star programme. Step 2 is GROW’s Quality Education Programme which Nteseleng is accessing via an affordable micro-loan.

Early learning success thanks to GROW partnership.

Here is Nteseleng’s story:

Atlehang Pre-school was started from humble beginnings back in 2015 with no kids and not many resources. It continued to grow from strength to strength, by January 2016 we had enrolled more than sixty children in our centre.

The reason why I started the school is that I identified a gap in my community. We needed a good quality education and affordable nursery school in the area as there weren’t too many nursery schools offering good quality services.

For me, the GROW curriculum is the best thing that has happened to my school in all the years I’ve been running.

Before we got the GROW curriculum and classroom kit, learning and teaching were very challenging. We had very little resources to support our day to day activities and learning. Now with the GROW curriculum and learning materials our teachers are more confident in what they are doing, and our learners are having so much fun discovering and learning.

And there is definitely a big improvement in how we teach our learners daily.

This curriculum is also helping me to keep track of all the work being done in our classrooms thanks to GROW and the great support and curriculum they have provided.

Life has changed for the better with the GROW app, the curriculum and educational resources in our school.

The GROW app has helped me to keep track of all my school’s admin. I like mostly the training on the app, the online books and the attendance register.

My advice to other ECD owners? If they can join the GROW program, not only are they investing in their own businesses but they are also investing in giving the best education to little children under their care.


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