How to choose the right preschool or ECD centre for your child

GROW Educare Centres helps local women to run more professional, high-quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres in developing neighbourhoods across the country.

Why should I send my child to an ECD centre?

choose the best e3cd preschool for your child

High-quality educare education is crucial to a child’s brain development. It creates the foundation for school readiness by developing foundational skills in literacy, numeracy, creativity and problem solving, social skills and personal identity.

Children need stimulation. Parents should find the best possible daycare centre or creche for their child to ensure their early development is on track.

Don’t leave your child’s education to chance! 

Children who access high quality early learning opportunities are less likely to drop out of school, to get a criminal record, or to require a government subsidy in adulthood.

choose the best e3cd preschool for your child

What should a parent look for when choosing a preschool for their young child?

  1. Are the teachers qualified in early learning?
  2. Is the school facility safe? (look for access control, stairs and facilities are safe, the kitchen is separate and children are not exposed to hot water or electricity, is the building structure safe, have teachers done CPR training)
  3. Does the school offer an approved daily programme (curriculum) that develops your child?
  4. Does the school have a structured routine, that included snacks, nap time, toilet breaks, play, reading?
  5. What type of equipment does the school have? Is there enough for all the children and is it good quality?
  6. Are the school owners and teachers passionate and excited about unlocking your child’s potential?
  7. How many children are there per class and teacher? Does it meet government requirements?
  8. How does the school communicate with parents? (e.g. WhatsApp groups, letters)
  9. Does the school offer snacks or food (ask about the menu and what they offer)
  10. Does the school do professional learner assessments to track your child’s development?
  11. Does the school have good COVID19 protocols in place? (Teachers wearing masks, sanitisers easily available, hand-washing stations with soap, regular cleaning and clear policies and procedures).

choose the best e3cd preschool for your child

Here are some reasons to choose a GROW ECD centre for your child this year:

By enrolling your child in a GROW ECD centre, you are supporting local small businesses and in turn, empowering women who have a passion for early childhood development.

  1. Your child’s development is our top priority.
  2. We stick to approved child-to-teacher ratios to allow for better quality education for your child.
  3. Our teachers are always receiving continuous training and development since they are passionate about being the best.
  4. Our teachers can spend more time with each child that needs attention.
  5. Many of our preschools have wonderful outside play areas, and we are passionate about using play to encourage learning.
  6. Our classrooms are stocked with great classroom equipment.
  7. We offer a government-approved play-based daily learning programme that your child will enjoy.
  8. We offer healthy breakfasts and meals.
  9. Our centres follow strict COVID19 safety protocols.
  10. We fully endorse and practice inclusivity.
  11. We support the community and our youth by offering an internship programme.
  12. And much more!

Having a GROW ECD centre in your community ensures that your child does not have to travel outside of the community for education – limiting the cost of transport and ensuring that your child is not far away from home.

Make the right choice today and enrol your child in one of our many GROW ECD centres!

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