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If you own and run an ECD Centre, we understand how difficult it can be. ECD Centres are under pressure to get registered, to employ qualified and passionate teachers, and to provide safe and stimulating environments, but it’s not easy to do all these things, and more, while also making a living.

We empower qualified, passionate women to own and run successful high quality ECD centres in low-income communities through our proven social franchise model.

GROW Educare Centres partners with women who have a heart for children and a head for business to develop and support them to run a better equipped and more successful ECD centres. Our 5 Steps to 5 Star ECD Programme is built on the principles of social-franchising, where we offer a recipe for success to ensure you can operate a professional 5 star ECD centre.


We have a proven recipe for ECD success.

Like you, we care deeply about ensuring that children from developing communities receive 5 Star education in their most crucial years. Through years of experience, we’ve developed and proven a recipe for success that helps ECD centres delivery quality education while also being more professional and sustainable businesses. The recipe includes 21 x Education and Business components which we share with ECD owners through our 5 Step programme.

Follow our 5 Steps to 5-Star journey

We understand that getting to 5-Star level is a journey. We’ve developed a 5-step programme to help ECD centres become a GROW franchisee at their own pace and capacity while also expanding our programme to reach more centres. To get more details about each step, as well as explanatory brochures and videos, please chat to us via WhatsApp here or simply send “Hi” to *27215312134.

How does the 5 Step to 5-Star ECD programme work? Watch this overview video:

We put the technology and tools in your hand

We’ve developed an easy-to-use mobile app that helps ECD owners manage their school from the palm of their hand. The app helps you manage your learners and classes, track learner and staff attendance, assess and develop your teachers, track your finances and fees, run reports, access policies, procedures and resources, and more. There’s also data-free online training for your professional development.

How do the GROW Apps and ECD support tools work?

Who qualifies to join GROW Educare Centres?

  • You qualify for Step 1 (the app and online training) if:
  • You already run an ECD centre in South Africa (we don’t help to start new preschools)
  • You are a passionate business-women who is dedicated to giving your community the best education possible
  • You have an android smartphone
  • You are comfortable using technology (such as social media, app, or email)
  • You speak, read and write English well
  • You have an email address and WhatsApp
  • You want to run a more professional centre

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You qualify for Step 2 (a micro-loan for equipment and daily programme) if:

  • You have at least 25 children in your centre
  • You are located in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban or Pietermaritzburg
  • You demonstrate that you can use the GROW App
  • You use the app daily to manage your preschool
  • You have a good credit history
  • You can afford the repayments

This opportunity is ideal for someone who:

  • Wants to run a high-quality ECD centre
  • Has a passion for children and ECD
  • Has a business mindset and wants to see her centre succeed
  • Takes full ownership of her ECD centre’s long-term success
  • Is open-minded and willing to learn
  • Is hands-on and actively involved in her centre every day
  • Is committed to building a relationship with GROW as her partner
  • Likes a structured environment and is comfortable following policies, guidelines and procedures.

Good to know:

  • Each school principal remains the independent owner of her business, operating under the GROW Educare Centres brand.
  • You move through the 5 Step programme at your own pace, when you are ready. You don’t have to become a franchisee if you don’t want to.

Attend an info day in
your city or online

on What’s app