Mandela Day 2020: Let’s Get Them Back to School Safely. Get Early Learning Centres Ready to Reopen

GROW Educare ECD reopening mandela day

Our Mandela Day 2021 opportunities are here

Volunteer & Donation Opportunities with GROW Educare Centres:

1. Join our Digital Volunteer network

GROW educare join our volunteer network

Your time and expertise can assist GROW Educare Centres in creative and unexpected ways. Donate your time and energy. When you join our digital volunteer network, you’ll be equipped to be a virtual ambassador for GROW Educare Centres. Your involvement could include social media sharing and support, hosting and supporting fundraisers.

How to join: Email to join the volunteer network.

How many do we need? Unlimited

What does it cost? Free


2. Donate a hand-washing station/water fountain.

donate water fountain handwashing stationThis water fountain dispenses clean drinking water and doubles as a handwashing and sanitation station. It’s built at the perfect height for little people and includes space for liquid soap, sanitizers and paper towel. Donate here.

How many do we need? 43

What does it cost? R1 450 each including delivery

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3. Donate no-touch infrared thermometers

Each ECD centre needs at least one infrared thermometer to help them screen staff and learners each morning. Without these, an ECD centre cannot open or operate. Donate here.

 How many do we need? 43

What does it cost? R1 045 each including batteries and delivery

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4. Donate face shields for children and teachers

A face shield makes it much easier and fun for children to wear protective gear for long periods of time. These are sturdy and made with small children in mind, and they come in various designs to make them fun to wear. Each has space for the child’s own name to ensure shields aren’t shared. These shields can be disinfected daily and re-used. Donate here.

How many do we need? 1 600 for children and 220 for teachers and educare staff

What does it cost? R26 each including delivery

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5. Donate foot-operated hand sanitizer dispensers

Each ECD centre needs at least one no-touch sanitizer dispenser, ideally in stainless steel. This system will equip centres to run more efficiently and reduce the risk of transmission. This system is ideal to place at the front door so that children and staff can sanitize on entry and exit. Donate here.

How many do we need? 43

What does it cost? R595 each including delivery

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6. Sign up for a free MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card

Raise funds for GROW with MySchool You can raise funds every time you shop at Woolworths,, Engen Foodstops and many other local and regional stores. The best part? It doesn’t cost you a cent! Here’s how it works: Sign up for a free MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card. Select GROW Educare Centres as your beneficiary. Swipe when you shop at the partner stores. Enjoy knowing that a portion of what you have spent is donated on your behalf!

Get all the details and sign up here.

What does it cost?



7. Adopt-an-ECD Centre

There’s never been a better time to partner with a GROW Educare ECD Centre for 2-5 years and help them to reach a 5-Star ECD level, running a sustainable business. Your investment will ensure that a centre receives our extensive support package. Adoption helps to create a meaningful long-term partnership that results in sustainable impact. Donate here.

What does it cost?

R600 000 – R900 000 over 5 years depending on the size of the centre.

How does it work?

Please make contact: We’ll schedule a call or face-to-face meeting and show you the Adopt-an-ECD model in more detail. Email our Fundraiser now


Your Tax and BBBEE benefits for doing good:

All financial donations qualify for tax deductions and SED (Social Enterprise Development) or ED (Enterprise Development) points. We will supply Section 18A certificates on your request.

*How did we calculate these costs? What if you can find it cheaper?

The costs presented in this proposal is based on current quotes from reputable suppliers who have sufficient stock. The cost per unit is based on an average cost which includes delivery (and delivery insurance). Once we are ready to place our orders (when we receive funds) we will do our best to negotiate even better rates where possible. Should we receive significant discounts we can either refund you or allocate your funds towards purchasing more equipment.

How to make your donation: 

Donate Online:

Donate Via Direct Bank Transfer:

  • Make an EFT deposit into the bank account below
  • Use your Surname or Company Name as the reference
  • Send your proof of payment via email to
  • If you require a Section 18A certificate, please give your physical address on your email

Our Banking Details:

Account Name:           GW Foundation
Bank:                           Investec Bank Limited
Branch:                        100 Graystone drive
Branch Code:               580105
Type of Account:         Current Account
Account Number:        10011899076

Need more info? Email our Fundraiser now