Free ECD Mobile App for any early learning centre in South Africa

Finally! A one-stop-shop for ECD Centres.

The app for centre owners and principals helps you manage your entire preschool from just one device. We designed this app for our 45 Grow ECD across the country and when many other preschools asked if they could use it too, we decided to make it available at no cost. It’s our gift to you.

  • Paperless administration for preschools
  • Professional development training (data-free!)
  • Downloadable resources, policies, procedures and templates
  • Parent communication
  • Finance management
  • Attendance registers with a tap
  • Reporting and compliance reports
  • Learner assessments
  • Teacher competency assessment
  • And more coming soon….
ECD App Principles

I am enjoying the business of running a preschool again. This app – it’s like a computer in my hand. I am saving time, I am learning how to be more independent and in control of my business, and I am getting more time to work with my teachers and the children.

ECD TEACHERS can use this free app too

The Meerkat app helps you manage your classroom, assess your learners, develop your skills and engage with parents. (Only available to teachers who’s centre owners are using Grow ECD Giraffe).

  • Daily learner attendance with a tap
  • Learner assessments and reports
  • Professional development training for preschool teachers (data-free)
  • Parent engagement
  • Downloadable resources

I am using the data-free training to improve my skills and I also download lots of education resources. Daily attendance is so easy now – I just tap! I am proud to work in a school that's more professional and using technology.

ECD Teacher

PARENTS stay connected as your child learns and grows

The Lion app helps you see your child’s development progress, daily attendance, and your fees paid. You can also download useful parenting resources and connect with the school. (Only available to parents who’s ECD Owner is using the Giraffe App)
  • Learner assessment results on your phone
  • Fee payment tracker
  • School calendar
  • Downloadable parenting resources
ECD App happy parents

My child’s development is so important to me – and now I feel like I am a more active part of his life. With the app I can track his attendance and see his progress.

How does the App work?

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App Helpdesk

If you have any issues or questions about using the app please chat to our friendly helpdesk. They are available 08:30 – 16:00 Mondays to Fridays.