ECD Online Curriculum and Teacher's Guide

With our easy-to-use online lesson plans, you can save hours, inspire your teachers, and ensure your preschool learners are on track for big school. Unlock the online curriculum subscription on your Grow App.

Being a preschool owner is rewarding, but the daily struggle is real!

You’ve invested in educational equipment, and your teachers have access to great resources, but you are still:

  • spending hours every week creating themes and lesson plans
  • struggling to align with the National Curriculum Framework
  • struggling to get your ECD programme registered
  • You aren’t sure your current programme is delivering good learner outcomes

That’s why we created the Grow ECD Online Curriculum and Teacher's Guide.

It is an easy-to-use interactive lesson planner, available on your phone. An effortless solution that equips your teachers with a vibrant curriculum and daily guide, ensuring every child is on track for success in “big school”. Plus, it’s data-free, so you and your teachers can plan and prepare while saving on data! The multimedia and step-by-step approach means that all teachers, regardless of their level of experience, can benefit. 

Ideal for ECD centres that already have educational equipment but need a proven daily programme.

Unlock the preschool curriculum subscription on your Grow apps.

How does it work?

Easy-to-Use Online Daily Teacher's Guide

Your teachers will know exactly what to do, every day of the week, for each age group. The guide is for 2-5-year-old learners (babies and toddlers coming soon!).

NCF-Aligned Play-Based Curriculum

40 weekly themes and daily activities to make learning fun and effective. Includes Morning Ring, Storytime, Art, Outside Play, Numeracy, Fantasy Play, Second Ring, Lego activities, and Extension ideas.

A Curriculum That Comes to Life

No more boring, text-only curriculum guides. Our multimedia curriculum is engaging and inspiring. It shows teachers what to do, step-by-step, with videos, voice notes, photos, songs and rhymes.

Teachers Can Plan and Prepare Anywhere, Data-Free

Available on your teacher's and assistant teachers’ smartphones, data-free, so no excuses. All you need is an Android device.

Supports Your Journey to ECD Programme Registration

The Grow ECD curriculum complies with ECD Programme registration requirements at DBE.

The online curriculum has made a huge difference, it takes me less time to plan. Things are being said and shown to me by real teachers, so I get a better understanding of what I need to do.


Is the Grow ECD Online Curriculum going to work for YOUR preschool?

This is for you if:

2024 Pricing Options:
(The price is per centre, not per user)

Subscription Option 1

Pay-as-you-go Termly Access
  • R1,000 per term
  • Choose term 1/2/3/4
  • Get access until 31 Dec 2024

Subscription Option 2

Full-Year Value Pack
  • R3 500 for all 4 terms (Equivalent to R875 per term)
  • Get access until 31 Dec 2024

See it in action!

Watch this short demo video to see the Grow ECD online curriculum in action.