Our Proud Partner Centres

Selected ECD Centres have been invited to become Proud Partner centres of Grow ECD. These centres collaborate with us for the mutual benefit of the centre, the Grow ECD brand and the early learning sector to create a community of best practice.

When you choose to enrol your child at a Proud Partner centre, you can know that these centres commit to:

  1. use the Grow Curriculum and ensure it is implemented by staff correctly
  2. assessing learners to track their developmental milestones
  3. ensure that there are sufficient qualified teachers employed at the ECD Centre
  4. invest in the growth and professional development of the teachers
  5. be an ambassador of the Grow ECD brand
  6. get or remain registered as an ECD centre with the Department of Basic Education
  7. participate in ECD surveys and research that benefit the sector

Enrol your child today at one of our Proud Partner centres!

Western Cape


Kwazulu Natal