Education Programme

To empower the people educating the next generation

Daily curriculum

A step-by-step teachers’ guide for every day of the year, per age group

Classroom kit of equipment

Everything you need to implement the curriculum

Data-free training for teachers

Continious professional development – accessible anywhere, any time

In-person training

Practical and inspiring business-, education- and life skills training for teachers and principals.

Education mentorship

Schools get access to a professional education mentor to support their teachers

Get your children school-ready

Our curriculum works: teachers trust it, DSD has approved it, and children love it!

Motivate and equip teachers

Provide teachers with practical training, all the educational equipment they need and a detailed daily programme per age group.


We’ve negotiated special, affordable finance for South African ECD centres only so that you can finally get all the resources you need.

No more stressing about the weekly theme and activities, extension ideas or finding quality, affordable equipment to get your learners on track.

With the Grow ECD Quality Education Programme your preschool can have everything ready for 40 weeks of play-based early learning for your 2-5 year oldsthat covers all the developmental areas.

“For me, the Grow ECD curriculum is the best thing that has happened to my school in all the years I've been running. Before we got the Grow ECD curriculum and classroom kit, learning and teaching were very challenging. We had very little resources to support our day to day activities and learning. Now with the curriculum and learning materials our teachers are more confident in what they are doing, and our learners are having so much fun discovering and learning.”


See Siyakhula Educare’s classroom transformation

What is included in the Grow ECD Quality Education Programme?

  1. Daily curriculum: a step-by-step teachers’ guide for 40 weeks of the school year, per theme, for your 2-5-year olds. It’s perfect for new and experienced teachers. You receive this as a physical book, downloadable PDFs built into your app, plus an interactive online curriculum.
  2. The Grow ECD classroom kit: all the education equipment and toys needed to implement the curriculum. The kit includes posters, theme charts, a morning and afternoon ring kit, educational play equipment, art kit, free play, music, outside play and puzzle kit, plus Lego playbox.
  3. Advanced online training to help teachers get the best from the curriculum and equipment, so they feel confident with your new programme.
  4. Face-to-face training sessions at our office for teachers, principals, and ECD centre owners (business, education and life skills).
  5. Access to a professional education mentor to support your teachers.

Who can apply for Grow ECD's Quality Education Programme?

  • Your preschool must be registered on our free ECD app.
  • You must use the app to register staff and learners and track daily attendance.
  • You must use the app to track your business income and expenses (this is important if you plan to apply for low-cost loan finance from Grow ECD).
  • You must have an ECD Centre located within 75km from a Grow ECD office (we are based in Cape Town, Midrand, Durban and Pietermaritzburg.
  • Your centre should have 25+ active learners.

It works for them. It can work for you!

See how many preschools and teachers are using the programme. Stats updated 31 July 2023

ECD Centres

Invest in your ECD business and your learners today

Our programme is subsidized by Grow ECD and by our suppliers, but it’s not free. This helps us support more centres that need these resources. 

The cost depends on the number of learners and the layout at your centre. The minimum cost is R40 000 for 30 children. 

How can you afford it? We have a few options available and have negotiated with a financial service provider and investors to give South African ECD Centres the best possible rates on low-interest loans. 

Option 1

Cash purchase
  • For those who have savings.

Option 2

Micro-loan (ECD Finance)
  • For those who want to pay if off over 3 years

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