We empower qualified, passionate women to own and run successful high quality ECD centres in low-income communities through our proven social franchise model.

Testimonial: Jennifer Crossley, GROW Generations Educare ECD Centre

A story of transformation from a South African woman who runs her own GROW Educare Centre in Maitland.

It all started when I took over as the new manager at Generations Early Learning Centre. I felt like everything was just wrong… from the administration, learning equipment, and the education programme to the general appearance and cleanliness of the ECD. There was barely any stationery or adequate learning material. It used to fill me with frustration and a little hopelessness too as I knew it would take hard work, money and a very long time to fix this. At the same time, I  knew I was up for the challenge to bring on change.

My mission: to be the best ECD Educare centre in my area!

As a qualified ECD teacher with years of teaching experience, I knew I could make a difference but that was not enough; my vision was much bigger: my mission was to be the best ECD Educare centre in my area!

A physical and mental transformation and revamp 

Almost a year passed before I noticed a neighbouring centre with the colourful GROW with Educare Centres sign. I started to investigate this opportunity and contacted the GROW group who opened their hearts and business opportunity to me.

I was interviewed, visited, and thoroughly assessed by the GROW team. Finally, I was accepted to become a GROW with Educare Centres franchisee!

Soon GROW started to deliver on exactly what they had promised – and more. My centre was revamped, high quality and relevant learning equipment and the materials were delivered. It was the most exciting day for all of us and I was filled with hope when I saw the bright eyes of my little ones; what a joyful day! The GROW team did not stop there. They assisted me and my teachers with training workshops, business and education mentoring, school visits and coaching, financial guidance, a great day-by-day education programme and so much more. They made sure that my centre as a whole was of exceptional quality.

My plans for the future

You ask did I achieve my vision? Yes!
Am I going to stop here? No! This country is my oyster. My goal to have my own foundation phase school. I know it takes time to GROW. With my partnership as a GROW franchisee, I believe it’s possible.