We empower qualified, passionate women to own and run successful high quality ECD centres in low-income communities through our proven social franchise model.

Testimonial: Monica Mulqueeny, Monica’s Kidz Academy, a proud Grow ECD centre

A story of transformation from a South African woman who runs her own Grow ECD in Maitland

Owning and operating a childcare business can be a very challenging and rewarding career. Success in this field requires dedication, love and patience. The work day is longer than a normal eight-hour day but the satisfaction of watching children grow and develop is worth the extra effort.

Nothing shapes your life more than the commitments you chose to make.

Your commitments can develop you or they can destroy you, but either way they will define you. To be honest I was afraid to commit to anything and thought I would just drift through life. I have made half-hearted commitments in the past which lead to frustration and disappointments.

Career shifts

In 2016 I made a career switch to fulfil my dream of being an early childhood educator and business owner. Over the years I have grown in my appreciation and understanding of the importance of quality education. This kept me motivated in ensuring that I do make a difference in the lives of young children. I believe in the importance of instilling sound values in young children through modelling positive behaviour and attitudes. To nurture their love for learning, children should grow in respect and appreciation towards individuals and understand the value of perseverance in overcoming challenges. There were a lot of challenges in my life that I had to overcome e.g. loss of a child, and becoming a widow. I suffered from severe stress and depression and became very sickly. I had to make a choice. I chose life. And so, I committed myself to God.

Serious about quality early childhood development

Once I decided to get serious about becoming a business owner I had to begin to act in new ways. I had to let go of some old routines, develop some new habits and intentionally change the way I think. You can be certain that GROW helped me with these changes. When you work out a puzzle you already have all the pieces. My task was to put them together. GROW helped me develop what I already had. GROW has given me a new life, now I am responsible to develop it, despite my fears and trembling. This means I have to take my growth seriously. To change the way I think. Everything I do is a thought. Every behaviour is motivated by a belief and every action is prompted by my attitude. GROW has revealed this.

I have let GROW transform me into a new person by changing the way I think and my attitude.

Each part of GROW’s staff did its own special work on me. They helped the other parts of me to grow so that the whole body of my business is healthy and growing. GROW realises my vision of giving every child a good start. My centre is full and the children are happy. It’s not only the children but also me that is growing.

GROW showed me where the opportunities are for me and why quality Early Childhood Development is important and what it takes for me to be an inspiring early childhood educator – and a leader!

BIG THANK you for your support GROW and God Bless you for the dedicated and hard work that you do.

  • From Monica Mulqueeny, Durban.